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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 16, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> it was pretty devastating. >>pam: homes destroyed and lives lost. tens of thousands are without power as a new blast of stormy weather slams the bay area. >> rain is really coming down but it is going to get worse tonight. >>pam: the 49ers faithful are buzzing tonight. >> the bottom line is, there are trying. >>pam: gary brennan explained how he could be
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addressing in red and gold. >>pam: once a week it has been. you're looking at a light fixture in traffic moving very slowly in san francisco. this storm is counting the bay area and in different spots are getting hit as different times. crews are live around the various. we're when to start with jacqueline bennett and the weather center to find out what to expect. xi orange spots are the heaviest >>jaqueline: it is having fast and right on track of where future has was the victim earlier. the south bay is already getting heavy rain. we're going to do a lot of tracking the. sam antar is getting a very heavy sell right now. where the red is, to 21 in. per hour. that is an extreme downpours in san mateo it is also pretty heavy, two- thirds of an inch of rain
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per hour. half moon bay is seeing how -- is the heavy rain as well. closer to the coastline, very heavy rain in between half moon bay and san gregorio pushing down into the peninsula area. right now it is not too bad. a quarter of an inch of rain in our in menlo park. cremona is also seen a really heavy rain. in the inch of rain per hour coming down this serious in hayward, a half inch of rain. we're doing some more tracking in the livermore valley. pleasanton's the third of an inch of rain. we have not seen much when all week long. mountain view is seeing one- third of an inch of land in dallas.
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we are continuing to see a steady stream of moisture. >>pam: our team coverage continues in the south bay. dan term and is live. >>dan: we certainly have more rain than we saw earlier today. a lady and steady rain coming through, as i mentioned a light and a steady rain. during the 7:00 hour i will show you video of even harder rain. as jacqueline mention the have not seen much of anything. 1600's of financial for the entire week. the storms have missed san jose but did not miss the san jose tonight. you can see people running around with and without
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umbrellas. when shall wipers going back and forth. despite the rain they are not expecting any of flooding. the reason for that is most of the greeks have been dry as well as the reservoirs. the rivers are low and as a result even if the rain fix up in the next hour or two we are expecting that it will cause no flooding within the san jose area. >>pam: as we said we have crews around the area. we are moving to the east a werke thompson is tracking this along. absolutely relentless. the visibility on the roads is incredibly low puree drove for an hour on 80. you can see 80 behind me with all the cars and all of the water on the road, you can see the incredible mess that is getting thrown out into the air. the zeroth seal wipers on full blast.
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people are changing lanes. there is definitely some dangerous driving conditions. if you are going out on the roads, make sure that you are extra cautious and are leaving a lot of space in between you and the car in front of you as the rain continues to hounded down on here in oakland. >>pam: the storm turned deadly on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, you can see from this video ahead on crashed have ended just before 11:00 a.m. and set down on northbound lanes. if one man died in the accident. police say the driver heading south lost control of the car and crossed into oncoming traffic. the santa cruz mountains have been hit especially hard by the storms. reggie kumar has more on conditions there. the >>reggie: river road is living up to its name. take a look at all of this water on the road. you can see that it is almost flooded.
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the cars have been driving through all of this water. if it gets any higher, the cars may not be able to make it through. >> the water basically comes up to my ankles. >> at just 3 mi. away, it is raining very hard. here at this united nations, people can come here and make sandbags. there is a huge pile of sand for people to use. across the street, this is the downtown area. people are actually out and shopping. many tell me that they are used to the rain this year they have only received 12 in. of rain so far. officials say they need about 20 in. of rain into
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that could cause the rivers overflowed its banks. >>pam: in sonoma county a home was split into one adult was for came crashing down just before 10:00 a.m.. fortunately no one was hurt. >> the large for came down for both homes. the first hole was cut in half from the ceiling through three floors of the foundation. the second home is pretty much to demolish over half of the structure. fortunately, no one was home. the first hole was a bacon, the second home, the owner and his daughter were ball away at the time.
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>>pam: there were problems all around the bay area, a close call for several homes at
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>>jaqueline: we are taking a composite view of all of the rain going on right now. you can see the yellow and orange of across the screen.
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it is pretty intense in a number of places. cox these are local radar pictures, plenty of red lighting up the raider. every of the raid near hayward. take a look at this, 1.8 in. of rain per hour there. also approaching a redwood city, 2.9 in. of rain. i want to zoom in closer and attract heavier cells. look at the dark red, that is where it is showing the heaviest rains. 3.5 in. of our into horses of the east bay hall, heavy rain over here right now. health hist fact
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>>jaqueline: pretty heavy rain are around concord in antioch. let's give a look at what we are expecting for the rest of the night. a steady stream of moisture. look at all that yellow is coming to the bay area indicating moderate-heavy rainfall. can lot of people have been commenting how to be resisted their innocence. notice the bands of clouds. once this this is through we will see clear skies. in the 11:00 hour, more
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showers and heavy rain lingering. by midnight we will see much call mark conditions. i think we will seek partial clearing out there tonight. that will lead to chilly conditions and cast a ballot, a little over a have the edge of rain. in some places it is not as aggressive. the rainfall totals are expected to increase through the rest of this evening. several system r will be pretty chilly in the low 50s. we will see unstable condition through the weekend. left pockets of water ran
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with small hail are possible. >>pam: the rain has made for dangers of driving conditions. the great highway had been closed in both directions. jeff bush has more on conditions in san francisco. if jeff >> i am here on geary boulevard and 28 avenue. i can tell you that the rain is definitely coming down in san francisco and pretty much everywhere in the bay area. the rain has been coming down heavily in drivers have been taking everything very slowly. there was a crash on the needy and crashed onto the beach. you can see right here that these cars, rooster tails are coming off of their
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tires. there rain keeps coming down in san francisco. >>pam: there are now report that the 49ers are showing interest in the former colts quarterback the manning. sources say that many were dealt with jim harbaugh on tuesday. manning of course a onetime super bowl champ this is the entire last season because of an injury. j.r stone tells us how some of the fans are reacting. >>j.r.: i thought fans will love the fact that the man worked out for jim harbaugh. they did like the idea. >> i did realize that. that is a bit surprised. >> is anything that can improve the 49ers is a good thing. >> as long as it does not, as long as it stays within the salary cap and a price range is not heard the team overall i think they should try. >> a majority of fans just
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did not see it happening and say they are happy with alex smith let this one is unsigned. >> i would take my chances on alex smith. those are just my thoughts. >> hell no, they do not need him, pain has not just an injury, a neck injury. not a single season, a double disc fusion. sure, they could use someone with a longer are right now it is not worth it. >> there is talk that those in denver are willing to pay 90 million for the manner in which means if he were to come to san francisco, the 49ers would have to dish out some big bucks. j.r stone, kron4 news. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the 49ers move into the pain manning sweepstakes. mondale's will be back home
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>>pam: and long lines around the world for the launch of the new i've had. this was the scene is japan. this was the scene in new york. this is the apple's flagship store nothing compares apple
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fans in the bay area. they waited in line despite blather. here is a look at the launch of the third generation ipad. >>gabe: if you have any doubt of a loyal fan base, look at long line of umbrellas. cold rain was not enough to keep these people from getting the new ipad. and stock and they lined up early. around 6:00 a.m. the light grew to around 6000 people. scoffs employees cheered the apple faithful when doors opened. >> i wanted to be the first to have it. i'm very happy.
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>> we want apple to live up to its credo, think different, think ethical and create a worker protection strategy that is the for their workers. >> the new-line attached is set to sellout of it again. look! here she comes!
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>>pam: there are a couple of contests this week and for republican presidential candidates. misery on saturday and pr on sunday. catherine heenan explains the big focus is on the illinois primary on tuesday. >>catherine: after losing twice in the south mitt romney is intensifying campaign efforts hoping to regain his front runner momentum when illinois holds its presidential primary and tuesday 50th he is clearly already laying the ground war for an inevitable campaigned against the president. >> this president is a lightweight. it is not because he is not
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smart, it is because he has never worked in a free economy kharif >> this president was also fund-raising and campaigning in illinois. santorum is just back from a pr who holds a primary on sunday fifth beyond ill. he is a focus on louisiana where he hopes to continue winning in the conservatives out. as for new gingrich is asking supporters for donations as small as $2.50 to keep his campaign going. he told enormous audience that he cannot raise as much money as romney but claims he is getting hundreds of new donors every day. >>catherine: as mentioned in the illinois primary is on tuesday.
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>>jaqueline: of the orange and red it indicating moderate rainfall. we will take a couple of legs and the rainfall raids , near fremont ran what is pure and it in oakland, a quarter of an inch of rain in an hour.
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anything over a quarter of an inch is pretty heavy. along the coastline near half moon bay, a quarter of an inch of rain and hour. that is also pretty moderate. half for the intent of the south bay. their red kantor's the ec on the screen, the rainfall rates of 1.1 in. in san jose, is pretty intense rainfall rates in sunnyvale. this is will recall pouring because it really is. it is creating treacherous driving conditions as we have seen so far this evening. in concord, two-thirds of an inch of rain kif it is coming down a little bit but still pretty moderate. we will continue to see the rain over the next couple of hours. thief's
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>>pam: a tasty and fresh spent on asian street food. vicki liviakis checks out asian box in this edition of the nine ended this. >>vicki: and ran a tiny
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takeout called asian boxed. it is the first of soon to be many. here is the co-owner. >> it is authentic street food. we take the food up in the morning and could get in the afternoon. authentic recipes, healthy and grilled. >>vicki: them like you are the ultimate creator of your own box. >> it is good and healthy and it tastes good. >> i like the rice noodles with a mushroom broth.
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we have a 6 spite's marinated chicken as well. >>vicki: this is like a restaurant made right on the spot. >> we make everything, spring rolls with homemade peanut sauce. >>vicki: it is no guilt food. >> everything is, pulls the ball. destroyed in the trash. >>vicki: my picks are the spring rolls, lemon lime marmalade and the six spiced chicken. to find out more about asian boggs is a and is the dining in the dish. >>pam: up next, gary ravage is joined by his wife of the sea and taken manning, could one of the all-time great quarterback really be joining the scarlet and gold? gary has that story coming
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up next.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>jaqueline: the yellow, orange and red is a moderate-intense rainfall. in the south bay, plenty of red on the radar. one-2 in. of rain per hour. that is the rainfall rates.
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as we move into fremont and union city and hayward, heavy rain over downtown campbell. a wide view picture of the satellite radar shows plenty of moisture streaming through the bay area. it will come to an end very soon. this is the tail end of the system. it is pushing towards the north bay, almost out of the bay area. here's a look at future cast into the 9:00 hour, heavy rainfall. future cast 4 is extremely accurate. into the 10:00 hour you will see their rates sliding south and tapered off it will the more from the north. by 11:00 there is not much rain of lingering around. by midnight the rain will really taper off. this is a very cold system moving through rain now. it is bringing a blast of cold air with to the
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conditions overnight. >>jaqueline: the higher elevations through tomorrow, 2-3 ft. of snow.
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definitely some fresh powder to enjoy this weekend. here is a look at your extended forecast. the storm is bringing cold air with it. temperatures over my will drop into the 30s in some places. we will see clear skies and chilly conditions. spotty thundershowers through the bay area. as we move into next week, lingering showers, but improving conditions. >>pam: this could be the perfect weekend to see a movie. kiberlee sakamoto has a preview of this week's new releases in this edition of now showing. >> i have the seniors in high school. >>kimberlee: to unlikely friends turned police officers are assigned a unique law enforcement program. channing tatum and jonah
8:48 pm
hill co-star in 21 jump street. their first assignment takes them under cover at a high- school to bring down a drug ring and to their crime- fighting techniques proved to be anything but traditional. the 21 jump street is a remake of an '80s television show. the film is rated r. will ferrell is polishing off the spanish and taking his comedies out of the border. >>gary: the 49ers have emerged as one of the candidates to sign a nanny. word got out early this
8:49 pm
morning. here is a demanding in to bomb north carolina. i just received word from our news director, sources from denver have said five years 90 million is the offer for manning. and on tuesday night a team physician and harbaugh will salute to the duke campus for a seger worked out and right now the 49ers are still alive. >> it is paying manning, i am not thinking about it. it is outside of my control,
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but how can you fall scenes for taking interest in him? >>gary: at the ncaa tournament, randy came out flat. tyrone johnson, 21 points. the game of the day cardiffs.
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cahow ups this roof
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>>gary: look and randy moss. i will put up with anyone and anything as long as you are good. if you are one of the top guys you can be a turkey but when you have been retired for a year in and when you were with three teams in their last season, i do not know if i want to put up with the. it is a perfect situation, no guaranteed money. cahow behalf
8:55 pm
>> just says, how did the warriors trade their vest player for an injured milwaukee bucks? >>gary: your hoping come next november he will have recovered from his ankle injury. they were not going anywhere with monday ellis. for >> mary said last week -- lester everything was giants, at giants, the giants. what happened to the enthusiasm? >>gary: after the world series, look at everyone, but when he did not win the world series there is not that carry over.
8:56 pm
once the season starts and they are all to a fifth spot, it will be backed up with the world series win, there's obviously more enthusiasm. cahow
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